Jesus & Sabbath P 2

Jesus healed the woman who had a spirit of infirmity on the Sabbath. ( Luke 13:10-17 )

He cured the man with the dropsy at the home of one of the chief Pharisees on the Sabbath as well. ( Luke 14:1-6 )

By preforming all these miracles on the Sabbath, Jesus endeavored to show the true compassionate spirit of the Law. At the very beginning of His ministry He had declared, “ Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. ” ( Matt 5:17 )

Jesus thus attempted to restore to the Sabbath its original intent as He also did with other commandments. ( Matt 15:3-20, 23:13-33 ).

By allowing His disciples to pick grain on the Sabbath ( Mark 2:23-28 ), Jesus showed that physical needs are to be met on the Sabbath as well.

His illustration from the life of David ( Matt 12:3-4, Mark 2:25-26 ) likewise demonstrated that physical needs take precedence over the ceremonial law. Jesus explained that God prefers mercy exercised by man toward his fellow man, to sacrifices. ( Matt 12:7 )

After Christ’s Resurrection, the Day of Worship Began to Be Observed on the First Day of the Week

During His earthly life and ministry the Lord Jesus honored the seventh day as a day of worship and took care to demonstrate its original beneficent purpose.

The first day of the week was instituted by the disciples of Christ not as a substitution for the Jewish Sabbath, but as a way of commemorating the Lord’s resurrection. ( Acts 20:7, 1  Cor 16:2 )

In Greek that first day came to be called the day of the Lord. ( Rev 1:10 )

The Christians came together on the Lord’s Day and the Jews kept the Sabbath.

If we read the 10 Commandants, written in stone to last forever, we see the first few commandments are for us to honor God; our Creator and Sustainer and the remanding are for us to honor our fellow man. The 10 Commandments could be considered the first valentine from God telling us He loves us and for us to live in communion with Him and the rest of the human race we should do this.

We see in February on our calendar the date marked Valentine’s Day and it got on the calendar through a designation/OK from the government. Do you keep that day because it’s a “ law “?, no; of course not; you keep that day and special honor the one you love. With the 10 Commandments we give God special honor on your day of rest.

As Christians we need to distinguish need from pleasure, we have six days to do our thing but we need to keep one day a week for God.

I have found that our life is much better by keeping the Lord’s Day.


The following post will be You and the Sabbath.


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