Unconditional Surrender P2

Unconditional Surrender P2

To follow Christ there can be no halfhearted duties ( v 62 ).

The would-be disciples might have been miserable in Christ’s service because they would want to keep one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom of God.

To long for other things while in the Kingdom of God is a contradiction in terms and could even turn one into a pillar of salt.

The Kingdom of God is the major teaching of this unique part of Luke’s Gospel ( ch’s 9-19 ). To have it with half of a heart is like asking for a jelly sandwich at a Thanksgiving dinner.

I have never found it easy to be a Christian, but I have consistently found it is best. Jesus wants no summertime soldiers or fair-weather disciples.

Jesus is not antifamily, He is just pro-God.

When Ozark Christian College had a special honor on behalf of her beloved Dean, Seth Wilson. Thousands came to share in the special joy. The Wilson children were there to help all of the rest of us celebrate. At one point, Carl Wilson said to the crowd about his father, “I think Dad didn’t love us less; I think he just loved God more. “

The irony of it all is that when we put Jesus first, even before family, we become the best husbands and fathers and the best wives and mothers.

Don’t approach the Christian life or Christian work with half of a heart.

A young man was told one day by his dad to go cultivate the beans. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He wanted to sit in his room and listen to his stereo. To say that cultivating beans was not on his list of priorities would be to make a profound understatement.

He went, but he went very reluctantly. He was so disgusted with his lot that he turned the tractor radio to full blast and quickly got into the beat more than into the job. When he got to the end of the field he looked back and noticed that he had plowed up eight rows of beans. His dad was not a happy camper.

Halfheartedness doesn’t work well on the farm or in the Kingdom of God.

Dear brothers and sisters give your all to God; He gave His all to us.



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