Jesus or Satan

Jesus or Satan, Your choice.

Do you have a friend in Jesus or is your friend Satan?

Now don’t get huffy by that question, first search yourself before answering.

Do you have “ lust of the eyes? “

Everything you see you want, not need. Do your wants control your life?

In Eve’s life the tree of knowledge she seen pleasant to the eyes.

Satan took Jesus to heights and said look I will give all this to You.

Do you have “ lust of the flesh? “

It’s my body and I can do what ever I want.

Eve saw that the tree of knowledge was good for food.

Satan said to Jesus in His hunger, turn these stones into bread.

Do you have “ pride of life? “

Eve thought the tree of knowledge would make her wise.

Satan told Jesus He should prove Himself to people by jumping off the pinnacle.

How did Eve handle it?  — How did Jesus handle it? — How do you handle it?

Satan tells you to live for yourself because your only concern should be yourself, you deserve it, you need it now. When the later becomes the present, will you be in a fix that you have trouble getting out, or can’t get out of?

Jesus tells us that we are only passing through this world / life and don’t worry about it. He has a future planned for you that in our human state of mind, we can not imagine the glory it will be.

Do you want to live in glory “ what you think is glory “ for a few years and spend eternity in hell? Or do you want to spend a few years in this world; which we do not fit; and then spend eternity with Jesus in Glory?

We all have to make our own choice, there is no fence sitting, and there is no saying I did not know. When we face God the Father we will go to the right or the left and our choice will be permenant. No; I change me mind, you had all your life to make that decision; now the outcome is final.

Dear brothers and sisters, who ever has not made the decision for Jesus, please fall on your knees and talk to Him, accept Him, and walk with Him the rest of the time you have on earth, there is no better decision you can make than to accept Jesus for eternity.



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