Healing the Incurable P2

As they moved on toward the home of Jairus they were greeted with the news of his daughter’s death. Jairus’s friends told him him it was useless to bother the teacher anymore, but the teacher thought otherwise. He reassured Jairus with the words, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.”

As they proceeded, they heard wailing and mourning, but Jesus told them to “stop wailing.” Taking the girl by the hand, he simply spoke to her: “My child, get up!” Luke tells us her spirit returned and she got up and began to eat.

It appears that God wanted us to know that belief and faith are important as we face the issues of life.

All incurable people are not healed in this life, but these two experienced the quality of life we deem so important.

Lessons for Life

Two things are most memorable for us in this text.


Obviously is the issue of faith in living. It took faith for the woman to pursue Jesus in such a crowd, and it took faith for Jairus to pursue Jesus for help on behalf of his daughter. Although Jesus told Jairus and his wife not to tell anyone, it is certain that in years to come they would never forget the touch of the Master’s hand.


We need to realize about these stories is that Jesus saw people in need and he met that need. We all should take delight in knowing that Jesus has compassion for us no matter where he finds us. He urges us to step beyond ourselves to our faith. Our friends and society may tell us it is useless, but Jesus deals with what humanity calls impossible.

What can we learn from these two miracles? To look at people through the eyes of Jesus. As Jesus had the ability to see the whole potential of people in the human predicament, so we need to see people freed from their bondage by the power of Christ. Many people find it hard to believe even in themselves, but it is incumbent upon us to challenge them to believe in the power of Christ for their lives.

Sometimes we sow the seed, while others cultivate it, and God gives the increase. We know that God changes lives from the inside out. He treats the carnal diseases of our humanity and delivers us to a new life through our obedience to his commands. Faith will lead us to repentance, a confession of faith, the waters of baptism, and a lifetime of living for Christ led by his Spirit.

Brothers and Sisters have YOU stepped out in faith?

Jesus saw a need; have YOU seen a need, have YOU even looked in that direction?


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