Healing the Incurable P1

I did not post last week because we were in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and we had nothing for a week except the Lord. He seen us through the storm and were none for the wear. Then we were suppose to have a Nor’easter and nothing came of that. Many areas it added to the damage from Sandy.

Prov. 10:25

When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone,but the righteous stand firm forever.

We thank the Lord for being with us through the storm.


Healing the Incurable ( Luke 8:40-56 )

Near the end of the second year of his ministry, commonly called the year of popularity, Jesus performs these two mighty miracles. We recognize at the start that the subjects in both cases were thought incurable and beyond human intervention.

It is significant that these miracles followed the healing of the Gadarene demoniac. It is not surprising that the healing of the Gadarene and surrounding circumstances would create quite a crowd. Luke makes the point by the choice of his verb: the crowd “almost crushed him.” It was hard to move about without rubbing shoulders with others in the crowd.

There are two dominant issues we should keep in mind…

The issue of faith and the two incurable people.

Although Jesus healed people without their displaying any faith, it is apparent in this passage that faith is a real emphasis.

Displays of Faith

By this time Jesus had probably worn out his welcome at synagogues, so it is significant that Jairus, a ruler of one of the synagogues, would be present, requesting help for his only child who “was dying.” Here was one whom the text tells us “fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with him to come to his house.”

It must have been difficult for Jairus to swallow his pride and humble himself in this manner because we know his Jewish friends would have given him a hard time about it. Often the magnitude of a problem helps us to see the importance of the measures we take to resolve a situation. Fortunately for Jairus and his family he had sought the proper source this time. So it was, that as Jesus was moving toward the home of Jairus, the second incurable person presents herself in an unusual manner.

The second person in need in our text is the woman with the issue of blood, who had sought medical help for 12 years and probably spent all of her resources on what we might call a chronic condition. Dr. Luke adds, “no one could heal her.” This woman had enough faith that Jesus could heal her that she fought the crushing crowd to get close enough to expose herself to his healing power.

We do not know the nature of the touch (only that she touched his cloak), but Jesus alluded to her focus of faith as well as recognizing that power had gone out from him. This woman who had been ceremonially unclean for 12 years believed enough in Jesus to pursue him and touch him. She believed he had the power, and he did. For years she had been subject to societal rejection and cries of “unclean.” After Jesus applauded her faith he said, “Go in peace.”


Dear brothers and sisters reach out and touch Jesus. Then you can go in peace.


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