Genuine Righteousness

Practicing Genuine Righteousness ( Matthew 6:1-34 )

Probably my favorite all-time commercial campaign features a small senior citizen named Clara Peller and her search for a hamburger. After her purchase of a burger, Clara lifts the bun and with disappointment asks, “ Where’s the beef? ” What was advertised to Clara on the outside was far more than the reality on the inside.

False advertising is not just an issue for the connoisseurs of fast food, but also in regards to the outward perception and inward realities of one’s relationship with God.

Jesus offers a stern warning: “ Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven ” ( Matt 6:1 ).

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia says for righteousness…

In Christian thought the idea of righteousness contains both a permanent and a changing element. The fixed element is the will to do right; the changing factor is the conception of what may be right at different times and under different circumstances. Throughout the entire course of Christian revelation we discern the emphasis on the first factor. To be sure, in the days of later Pharisaism righteousness came to be so much a matter of externals that the inner intent was often lost sight of altogether ( Matt 23:23 ); but, on the whole and in the main, Christian thought in all ages has recognized as the central element in righteousness the intention to be and do right. This common spirit binds together the first worshipers of God and the latest. Present-day conceptions of what is right differ by vast distances from the conceptions of the earlier Hebrews, but the intentions of the first worshippers are as discernible as are those of the doers of righteousness in the present day.

Why do you do deeds? For your glory or the Glory of God?

Search your heart before you answer . . .

Brothers and Sisters, the deeds we do need not be advertised for God knows and He is the only one that counts. I know we all feel good to hear thanks and praise from others but God our Father in Heaven will give us glory either in this life or the next.



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