Female Disciples P2

Female Disciples

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Seeing Jesus

Mary Magdalene saw him first ( vv 9-11 ). Once demon-possessed, she now is possessed with the presence of the blessed Savior. She told everyone she could find. Disciples were weeping when she presented them with the good news. Why didn’t they believe her? We might as well ask why so many did not believe him even after observing his miracles and wonders.

Then Jesus appeared to others ( vv 12-13 ). Eventually to 500. Still the doubts prevailed. We humans are reluctant to believe the unbelievable. How close are we to these kinds of doubts even today? Is the story of a risen Savior a mere myth?

Most of us need rebuking now and then. Jesus was not pleased that his disciples doubted ( v 14 ). Had he not told them he would return? Had he not mentioned that death would be overcome in triumphant victory? These skeptics needed something to keep them busy. They needed a mission.

Good News!

Mark’s account of the “ Great Commission ” is shorter than Matthew’s ( vv 15-16 ). Matthew has Jesus telling his disciples to: (1) disciple, (2) baptize, and (3) disciple some more. Mark has Jesus telling the apostles to preach the gospel to the entire world. And then he gives them and us the greatest promise of all time. Whoever believes this good news and is baptized will be given salvation: Remission of sins. Reconciliation with God. “Get and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord ” ( Acts 22:16 ).

We must not, we cannot doubt the risen Lord. His sacrificial blood covers our sins. It is God’s design. Much of it is a mystery. But faith allows us to accept his offer of pardon. It is the only way we can defeat Satan in our lives. We become the triumphant victors. He remains the eternal loser.

Go tell everyone you can. “ Jesus, the Christ and Son of the living God, has risen and now sits at the right hand of the Father. He is our elder brother. He is our redeemer. He is our eternal friend. ”

Sisters are always needed in the Kingdom.

Everyone God gives deeds / works to do, some might seen petty and some might seem impossible but when God calls you He will equip you and no matter the importance it seems to you, remember you are working for God and can there be any better boss to work for?



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