Female Disciples P1

Female Disciples

Triumph: Mark 16

What would the church be like without God’s female disciples? Women were constantly involved in the ministry of our Lord. God blessed these devoted ladies by allowing them to be the first to realize that the Savior had risen. In their devotion Mary, Mary, and Salome were bringing spices so that they might anoint Jesus’ body ( Mark 16:1 ).

Early at the Tomb

Notice that these faithful women were early on the scene ( v 2 ). No wonder they were the first to know of the resurrection. There is something here to be said concerning industry and stewardship of time. Life is brief. We are to redeem the times. This is what these three precious disciples were doing.

Stones covering tombs were typically set in a groove or cutout run that was sloped, not only to ease the placement of the sealing stone, but to make it difficult to open the tomb once closed. In their devotion, these dear sisters had overlooked something that should have been obvious ( v 3 ). “Who will roll the stone away?”

There are stones — obstructions — in every life. And some loom so large that only God can remove them. We haven’t the strength. They must have been surprised when they saw the stone already removed. They were confronted with a young man dressed in white, an angel of God ( vv 4-5 ). This frightened them. The presence of God is a marvelous blessing. His presence should never scare us, but comfort us.

Christ the Lord is risen today ( vv 6-7 ). Hallelujah! This is not just a song of triumph; this is the heart and soul of the gospel of Christ. Death, burial, resurrection ( Romans 6:3-6 ). Satan had the power of death, but God has the power of life.

Jesus had said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” But if he had remained in the tomb, he would have been just another dead prophet. Resurrected, he is truly the Son of the living God. Go tell everybody. Tell Peter, James, and John. Shout it from the rooftops. He arose. He arose!

Fear is a powerful tool of Satan. God allows us to triumph over fear. Faith dispels fear. Why were these dear women afraid to speak of the greatest event in the history of humankind ( v 8 )? We may only guess. But the real question that nudges us today is why we are so fearful of sharing the good news of Jesus with a dying world. Are we also mute?




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