Good Little Boys & Girls

Maybe the topic name should be govt. lies.

Have all you boys and girls been good and helped the govt. start their file on you?

For years the government has been saying they want a file on everyone in the U.S. Well; it is here now.

I guess by now all who have been coming here has received their “ The American Community Survey “

Notice how they try to make it sound American, Community oriented?

They need this info for the well being of children BUT all they asked is how many you have.

The older population BUT all they asked was my age.

New highways BUT we can’t repair the ones we have now.

Schools BUT the various governments have been reducing the monies given to them and then raising our taxes.

Community centers BUT the one about 10 miles from me burned down ( 10 years ago ) and was NEVER reopened, now I would have to travel 30 miles one way to participate within the county.

Show large corp’s there is a workforce available BUT at 10% or better unemployment they get their workforce OUTSIDE the country.

EX: I called a company in the U.S. and the person who answered did not sound right, I asked where they were located, India. I told them to transfer me to someone in the U.S.

About a week later I had to call another company and the person who answered did not sound right, I asked where they were located, Philippines. I told them to transfer me to someone in the U.S.

These companies want YOU to buy or use their products BUT you are not good enough to work for them.

Do you have to answer these questions — YES by law. They made it a law to force you to give the info. they want.

Now instead of the census takers coming around to bug you they will send these ‘ surveys ‘ out every so often and they will keep asking questions getting deeper into your personal life and it is by LAW.

Read and tell me what is patriotic about the questions in the survey?

Now back to the survey, but keep in mind the above.

What kind of house do you live in?
When was it build?
How much ground do you have?
How many room are in the structure?
How many vehicles do you have?
What kind of fuel used for heat?
What was the cost of you elect. last month?
What was the cost of heat last month?
Do you own where you live?
What is your mortgage?
How do you pay this?
How much do you think your property is worth?
How much in taxes do you pay?

Read the bold above and in my opinion there is no collation between the excuse for the survey and the questions.

Don’t be fooled; this is the start of bringing all your information into one location, in one file.

Just think if a hacker gets into their computer how much info they could get, ON YOU. No one can make a computer hack proof unless it is offline.

Up to now all your information was in various locations but now everything from personal, health, credit cards, anything at all that they gather from anything will be in this one file; in this one location. The government will know more about you that you know about yourself.

They already told Facebook they wanted a backdoor to get in your page and you would NEVER know it. Phone tapping well no its FB page tapping.

When big brother wants to know something about you it will be a click away. — I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU.

You would never believe how many times in a day you are being photographed by cameras all over, inside and outside.

Am I paranoid? NO; I am realistic, from the news it could be foretold by anyone, but most people don’t want to believe it. It took some time for them to try to make it sound patriotic and they needed computer storage capacity.

When they are done with THIS survey it will be up and running.

AND on the return envelope it is stated ” return postage is paid by the census bureau.

This in it’s self is a lie, where does the bureau get it’s money; yes of course the taxpayer.

Then it is postage paid by the taxpayer.

I hope everyone has a nice day.


PS . . .

Yes; I know this is out of topic but I had to post it anyway.


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