A Call To Fellowship

A Call To Fellowship

Acts 2:42

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Today, many churches place great importance to being true to the Word of God, observing the Lord’s Supper, and zealous in prayer

These things are certainly important, but what of “fellowship”?


community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience, the state of being a fellow or associate, a company of equals or friends, the quality or state of being comradely.

Do we understand this part of the Lord’s church?

Are we practicing it in a way consistent with the example of the early church?


Often manifested in a local congregation.

What if an outsider came to make a careful analysis of the church’s life in reference to fellowship?

Sort out the interaction among its members.

How we relate to one another when we assemble for worship.

How we interact with each other away from our assemblies.

Our group faithfulness.

Our willingness to support each other in time of need.

The amount of time we spend in the company of others in the church.

Learn how well those who sit by each other Sunday after Sunday really know each other.

Several years ago, some churches allowed themselves to be analyzed in this way; here is what was discovered:

The great majority of members knew  very few of the people.

Those who gathered for worship were mostly an unknown group of worshipers.

They were not a real community of worshipers prepared to bear one another’s burdens.

They expressed little interest in becoming more involved in each other’s lives

They came to worship only for the sake of their own spiritual life and personal salvation!

The bottom line was the churches that were analyzed consisted of members who were “self-centered”, There was very little fellowship of any sort was taking place!

I am not suggesting that the same condition exists in all churches. For the most part, I think it does not.

As we grow in number, the potential is there for losing the kind of fellowship we should experience.

If it does exist we need to ward off the kind of “self-centeredness” which can destroy the spiritual fellowship God would have us experience in the church.


Most of us lived through the “Me Decade”

A rapid rise of crime against others – rape, theft, assault, murder, increased use of drugs and alcohol. “Looking Out For #1.” An emphasis on consumerism and materialistic gain.

Then a decade followed the “Greed Decade”

Cultural trends produced many self-centered people in a highly mobile society, families move in, and others move away. Many live distances from the place of worship and from each other.

These facts do not prevent us from having proper fellowship, they just make it easier to become isolated.

Technology designed to bring us closer together, can easily keep us apart, phones, email, etc., we can not develop any meaningful relationships.


Part 2 will follow with some Scripture that can help us to live a more involved life in “ fellowship .“


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