Can You Get Real?

Can You Get Real?

Exodus 33:18

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”

Moses is leading a whole nation into a land they don’t know.

The people are faithless, complainers, trouble makers and now into idolatry.

Moses smashes the two tablets that God wrote the Ten Commandants on.

Moses is tired, disgusted, angry and ready to quit.

After coming to his senses he goes to God and complains to God, do I have to continue this? I need help, guidance and I know You said You would be with me and the Israelites, but I need more I need to see You, a sign “ show me Your glory. “

No one could look on God and live so God told him; I will pass by with my back to you.

Moses acted rash by asking God to see Him.

God does not always give you what you ask for but He will give you what you need.

Yes; you can get real and ask God, pour out your heart to Him, He will hear you and answer you but you may not always like the answer. We will get the best from God, He know what is best for us.

When you feel down and out, like you are getting no where, like everything is coming to an end. Call on God and ask him to show you the way.

Pour out your heart, hide nothing; He already knows.

God honored Moses honesty.



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